Affordable Logo design company in mossel bay

Affordable logo design services in Mossel Bay, we provide 3 logo design concepts for R1500. The service includes 3 variations on the preferred concept, as well as a Microsoft Word Letterhead template and business card design.

We also provide logo digitization of most logos for R500

Cost-Effective logo design services

Look professional online with a great logo.

Logo design services include 3 variations on the preferred concept, as well as an Microsoft Word letterhead template and business card design.

If you already have a logo, we will need the logo in the design file format – Usually CorelDraw, Acrobat Illustrator or Similar software, in order to optimize the logo for branding.

If the .cdi or .ai file formats are not available, we can provide digitization, reconstruction, of most logos for R500. 

We will request the following information before starting your project:

  1. For New Logo: Registered company name and description of services.
  2. Logo in .cdi, .ai or relevant design file formats. Alternatively as .pdf

Your business must have a professional logo design to give a great first impression and to build your brand. Your logo is the face of your business and customers will recognize all your products and services when they see your logo. 

Your logo must be designed in software like CorelDraw allowing you to provide the design file to any graphic designer when you need to make logo changes. It will be difficult to make logo changes to your existing company logo if you never received the company logo in a design file format like .cdi and .ai