Wouldn't you LOVE to have a graphic designer, web developer, IT specialist and support person on call without worrying what it would do to your budget every time you need the service? WHY NOT CONSIDER ONE OF OUR RETAINER PACKAGES?
We have a wide range of retainer packages to suit your needs. With our retainer packages, you can ensure that your website is updated and relevant, and you do not need to worry about the cost of having to call an IT support specialist every time your laptop acts up! The Retainer packages have been designed to SAVE you money!
Task include:
  • Any graphic design requirements
  • Perform website content changes
  • Create new site content
  • Publish content to social media platforms
  • Provide online IT support
  • Monitor website health
  • Perform website platform security and functionality updates as they are released
  • Perform site extension security and functionality updates as they are released for extensions with valid licences
  • Perform sporadic site backups
  • Perform sporadic Off-site site backups
  • Buy selected hardware and pariphirals at cost! - Terms and conditions apply
  • Have a look at our retainer options: