Website PageSpeed Optimization For Faster Mobile Web Pages

Website PageSpeed Optimization For Faster Mobile Web Pages

This is one of my personal favorite articles. Let’s talk about Website Page Speed Optimization For Faster Mobile Web Pages.

Something Happened In July 2018 And You Have To Know About It.

In July 2018 something BIG happened with Google and if are reading this article and you have a domain name with a personal or business website, you have to know about it…

Are You Ready To Discover The Secret Reason Why Nobody Views Your Website On Their mobile device?

This might be a surprise for you or you might have heard about this secret before, but do not be fooled and think it is not important.

The secret: Website Page Speed Optimization.

Website page speed Optimization is the time it takes for the content and elements on your website to load on a mobile device.

Analyze Your Website Content Speed & Make It Super Fast As Soon As Possible

Google is amazing, I just love everything they do!

They created an awesome tool, Google PageSpeed Insights, allowing you to analyze the content of a website page on your website.

The tool provides suggestions after analyzing the content on your website page to make it faster than it is at the moment.

web page optimization opportunities

Google Website PageSpeed optimization is a ranking factor for search queries on mobile devices.

The screenshot above is the result for a domain name I analyzed. The website can be 6.64 seconds faster on a mobile device than it currently is.

A super slow website is not nice for a customer who is  trying to access your website with his/her mobile device.

Don’t Accept That Your Website Is Slow And Abandon It!

Please don’t accept that your website is slow and abandon it by not investing a little bit of money to fix the issues.

Think about users who are using their mobile phone without connecting to WIFI? 

How many users using 3G or LTE are you losing due to a slow website page?

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