Why Do You Need A WordPress Website For Your Tourism Business?

Why Do You Need A WordPress Website For Your Tourism Business?

You need a WordPress website for your Tourism Business because WordPress is open-source software and provides functionality for your website at a much cheaper price than developing it from scratch.

What Is Open Source Software & Why Should you Use It For Your Tourism Business?

Open Source software is basically software with a license allowing a web designer or any other person to study, change and distribute the software and also for any purpose.

Here are a few reasons why you should use Open-Source Software:

*Open-Source software is high quality software provided free of charge.
*Open-Source software loads quick.
*Open-Source software has FREE support in communities online.
*Open-Source software allows a business to scale quick.

What Functionality Do You Need For A Tourism Business Website?

Functionality wise, A Tourism Business Website must have at least the basic functionality mentioned below:

*Booking Form with an integrated Payment Gateway.
*Payment Gateway examples: PayFast or PayPal.
*Live Chat functionality.
*Search Box to find information easily.
*Coupon Codes.
*Social Media Sharing Buttons.
*Login portal to view Orders and details of clients.
*Date picking.
*Newsletter Integration(Send regular discount codes to clients)

The functionality I have mentioned above is possible with the power of Open Source software like WordPress.

Do you agree that Open Source software is a cost-effective solution you need for your Tourism Business?

WordPress is Free meaning that you can use the money you would have used to pay for the development of a Content Management System from scratch and invest it to pay for additional functionality for your Tourism Business.

Do You Need A Website For Your Tourism Business?

If you need to talk about your next website project, we are here for you, and we would like to help you get your WordPress website setup as quick as possible for a very reasonable price.

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