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Questions about websites

Why is it important to update website?

Newer versions of WordPress is released on a regular basis and it is crucial to install and update the newer versions for more features, bug fixes, security and performance improvements.

The core WordPress updates is not enough to keep your website safe on the internet, that’s why an affordable WordPress monthly maintenance package is advisable for every website owner.

Every WordPress installation has an active theme and plugins. If the theme and plugins are not updated, hackers can find exploits and security holes and destroy your website or even infect your website with malicious code.

Besides the security aspects, it is advisable to also update your content to keep your audience engaged and to ensure your search engine ranking is optimal.

Are website updates included in the hosting fee?


Should you want us to ensure your site is updated, you have to instruct us, or sign up for a retainer package. If you do not have a retainer package, our hourly service fee will apply for the updates required.

Can I change and update my website myself?


We develop most of our websites on the WordPress core CMS, which enables you to access the content and make changes as you require. If you encounter difficulties, we can restore the site to a version as it was on a previous date, given that it is not older than 14 days.

What is the difference between a "normal" website and an eCommerce or advanced functionality website?

eCommerce websites includes added functionalities to enable the sale of products and services, including catalogue functionality that is more manageable than manually created content on a website. A “normal” website only displays information. If your site is developed on a well supported CMS such as WordPress, functionalities such as directory listings, appointments, and other custom functionalities can be implemented as required. Note that additional functionality plugins usually requires the purchase of a licence and will incur implementation costs.

Questions about hosting

How do I setup email?

We offer IMAP and POP hosting, and can even help you import your email into your Gmail account.

Once you have your email credentials, most email clients such as Outlook will automatically guide you through the setup process, as long as you have:

  • Your account name (email address)
  • Your email address
  • The incoming mail server (
  • The outgoing mail server (
  • The port numbers depending on the type of setup you choose.

If you need to set up your email on a device other than your MS Windows machine, such as an Apple Mac or cellphone, your hardware supplier can set it up for you as long as you have the information listed above.

To watch a video on how to set up IMAP on MS Outlook on Windows:

For POP see:


What type of email is best for me - POP or IMAP?

POP email is for individuals that only has one device connected. The Email is downloaded from the server onto your device.


  • You do not have to worry about exceeding your space allocated on the server, since email is usually removed from the server when using POP (This can be changed)


  • You have to log on to webmail to view the spam folder and blocked email
  • When you have multiple devices, responses are not shown by other devices

IMAP mailboxes are better geared for multiple device access.


  • Responses from any device will reflect on other devices where the mailbox is set up
  • Folders are synchronised across devices, including sent items, and you can choose to show the spam folder of blocked email in your mail client.


  • When email is deleted on one device, it is also deleted from all other devices connected to that mailbox.
  • Since all emails remain on the server to ensure synchronisation, you have to manually archive in order to stay within your allocated server space.
  • More bandwidth and device space is used to store and synchronise large quantities of emails.
Can I create my own emails and manage hosting options?


Once you are an active hosting client, you will be supplied with a username and password to log on to your hosting package to do certain tasks such as creating or editing mailboxes.

How do I access my webmail?

If you have your email address and password, you can log on to webmail from any device with internet access, to view your email and respond using webmail at

Questions about graphic design and Branding

What services are classified as "graphic design"

Any design service that has a graphic component. This includes:

  • Business Card design
  • Pull up banner design
  • Logo design
  • Digitising of graphics
  • Creating of PDF documents
  • Creating brochures, posters and pamphlets
  • Creating of Microsoft Word letterheads, templates or documents
  • Creating of PowerPoint presentations and templates
What is the difference between logo design and corporate identity creation?

Our logo design service includes the creation of 3 logo concepts. Once you have chosen a concept, we will also supply you with an HTML signature, MS Word letterhead template and business card design.

Corporate Identity creation is a comprehensive document specifying how a logo is used, what fonts should be used, as well as a colour pallet that must be adhered to in all correspondence and media platforms. It includes social media icons, guidelines in terms of banners and the theme that must be used, as well as the templates usually included with the logo concept development service.

Questions about retainer packages

What standard packages are available?

Depending on the amount of hours allocated to a retainer package, included tasks, discount on rates differ. The standard packages are:

  • 2 hours per month
  • 10 hours per month
  • 20 hours per month
  • 40 hours per month
Are non utilised hours carried over?


Discount is applicable on the hourly rate, and if the allocated time for your package is not utilised, the non-utilised hours are not banked or carried over.

Questions about social media marketing

What channels can be managed?

Depending on the service contract, we do marketing on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube

Translating some jargon




Search Engine Optimisation. This is a complex topic requiring expert knowledge. SEO influences your website ranking when a certain search term is used by browsers on search engines like Google. Get beginners overview at


The URL refers to the domain name used for your website and email (e.g. and ). In order to host a website or email, you need to have a registered URL. The type of URL depends on your business, target market and location (e.g. domains are for companies located in South Africa, and .com URL's are for companies that operate on the global market).


Refers to criminals that contact victims directly or through "bots" that "crawl" the web to find out as much as possible information, in order to extort, steal or impersonate entities for the sake of criminal activities. Never click on login links sent via any communication platform (rather go to the secure site directly), and ensure that all your devices have updated malware and anti-virus software running.


Bots most commonly refers to malicious programs that search all online platforms to seek vulnerabilities for obtaining personal information or injecting malicious code.

Bots can also refer to intelligent programs designed to answer questions and provide support.


PHP is a language used to develop websites and apps, which enables web browsers to translate content from code into readable information or content. Web hosting servers need to have a PHP platform installed in order to host websites and applications. As with any operating system, these platforms needs to be updated on regular basis in order to curb vulnerabilities and stay secure.


Refers to unsolicited communication, regardless of the medium it is sent on. This could include SMS, email, WhatsApp or calls. Most countries have stringent laws against unsolicited contact, and when making contact with your clients, there should at least always be an option to unsubscribe from such communications.

Payment Portal

eCommerce in any shape or form requires a payment portal that manages the collection of funds, that can be paid into a bank account. You will have to subscribe to a payment portal that caters for the currency you transact in, such as PayPal for major international currencies, or PayFast for lesser known currencies such as South African Rand. Your payment device, such as Yoco, iKhoka or bank may have payment portal functionality that can be readily integrated with our eCommerce solution.


Keywords refer to phrases that are worked into your website content, that enables search engines to rank your website when the phrases are typed into a search engine. Your site should strive to contain the exact term that browsers will enter to find your website. If for instance you provide services such as developing of a website, your content should contain the phrases "website development in South Africa" and all iterations of what users may type in such as "web development companies" and "web design in South Africa".


Webmail refers to the ability to access your mailbox via a browser, by visiting

Note that only email that is still on the server is visible, and if your standard mail client settings are set to delete the mail once it has been downloaded, or you have performed an archive, the applicable email will not be visible on webmail.